Posted by: Abdul | December 27, 2009

Sensible Advertising

I have been thinking of writing on this subject since quite some time now.

Why is that the advertising is so focused on youth instead of mid-40s or 50s with disposable income. The marketers have to realize that things have changed now and this ideology is no more valid. Earlier they used to work on the principle that if a 20-year-old’s first toothpaste is Colgate and first car is VW then he will stick to that brand for life. But these days, at all ages, we change brands as casually as we change socks – so this continued obsession with the youth market has finished.

It is actually the middle-agers who keep the economy afloat with their disposable incomes and growing families buying everything from school books, grocery, plasma screens, cars and airline tickets.

Lets talk about silver surfers, the internet companies experienced economic bonanza when they realized the potential of the so-called silver surfer generation. Silver surfers represent a large and growing segment of internet users. Many of them have significant savings and they are clearly not afraid of using their credit cards online. Technology may be perceived as cold and dehumanizing, but for the 50-plus age group, the internet has proved both liberating and comforting.

Demographically this group is increasingly important. They account for big chunk of the wealth of the nation and major per cent of its savings. Yet advertisers persist in their obsession with targeting youth despite all the convincing evidence that 40 and upwards is where the real spending potential lies. Not only that spending power is increasingly likely to go up rather than down as we get older.

Take for example ads for Luxury Cruise. The photography and the layout of these ads are fantastic but I believe they are not addressing the right audience. First because these ads feature young couple instead of elderly. Secondly these ads are normally seen on magazines mostly read by 20s i.e., sports, gadgets or entertainment mags !!!.

Right selection of medium of advertisement is very important for the brands success. I agree magazines to advertise Luxury Cruise to reach out to this TG but i would rather suggest on magazines read by this age group like inflight mags, business , political or economic related magazines.

That’s it for the moment.


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